Efrén Díaz Díaz

Efrén Díaz Díaz is a lawyer and Senior Associate at the law firm Bufete Mas y Calvet in Madrid, Spain. He is Consultant-Auditor of Information Systems and is Head of the Department of Technology and Geospatial Law and is a specialist in Civil Law and administrative litigation. He holds an International Master’s Degree in Data Protection, Transparency and Information Access (University of San Pablo CEU).

He is currently the Spanish Lawyer in the IDEE Working Group in Spain and is an expert on the European Commission for “INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation” in the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community. He is a Corporate Member of the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy (USA) and Spokesperson on the Technical Standardisation Committee AEN/CTN 148 for Digital Geographic Information in AENOR.

He lectures on the Master’s Degree programme for Company and Fiscal Law and the Access to Law programme at the University of Navarra. He is a member of the Geovation Hub at the Ordnance Survey in London and is an investigator at the Open Data Institute (UK). 

Efrén Díaz Díaz
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